What would it look like to have all of our freedoms stripped away?

People Protesting UK lockdown

16 May

There are a select number of people that believe that the Virus is a “scam”. That it is nothing more than a means to get more control over us.

What would a truly oppressive government look like? One focused on war and power?

The Idea:

It is set in an alternative future. You would think that the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 would have brought Humanity closer together. Instead, We have World War 3

The country that our main character lives in is a controlling, power hungry state

The main character is called to war, to fight for a country that oppresses them. They do the only thing they think they can… Run Away.

The World:

As a 3D artist, I am immediately drawn to the visuals. How will I create a world that feels real and lived in, but also threatening?

I Envision a world where the government uses drones to spy on its population


  • Idea

  • Writing

  • Casting

  • Shooting

  • Editing

  • Release


Was planning to shoot this weekend, but an unexpected drop out from the actor has delayed things by quite a bit.


Filming complete! now for the edit.


Going Back for Re-shoots, as things did not go as planned


Editing finished, the film is released!