So… Sorry about the wait.

Anyway, Something recently has happened to me (which you probably have already guessed), which involved deleting 2 years worth of work. This has taught me the importance of backing files up.

This is my fault, however, and if I wasn’t so stupid, I would still have my work. In around June of last year, I got a new computer. So, I took all of my files from my old laptop and put them on this computer. But being the idiot I am, I put them in the wrong place… On my OneDrive. Six months later, I get a notification saying my OneDrive is full. So i automatically assumed that it had beeen backing data to my OneDrive. So I deleted it all.

In future, You should definately have a back up, Especially If you deal with film, audio or any other creative media that takes up hard drive space. I plan on getting a 1TB external Drive to keep a backup of my work.

Lets see…