so, since this is my new site, i thought it would be good to get everyone up to speed with what i’m doing.

For starters: I started using Blender, an Open Source CG software package, around June 2016. It enabled me to realise my true passion of computer graphics. since then, I have become a winner of the Young Creative Awards, and selected for the online gallery for the National Open Arts competition.

When I first discovered blender, i was actually looking for free video editing software. Sadly, i did not find an. In my anger, I was just downloading every other promising piece of software, hoping one of them would be good. Then I opened blender and was completely baffled when i saw a 3d cube. I had already used Google Sketchup for a school project, so 3d was not completely new to me, and I could navigate the veiwport pretty well. After many gruelling hours of sitting down watching endless tutorials, Here i am.

If you want to contact me,  or have any requests just go on the contact page. Simple!

I am also thinking of doing a weekly tips series. If you want that, contact me a well!